toss:ly practice

By matt
Aug 10th, 2014

150109_060Are you feeling overwhelmed, or do you want more to do? Are there changes you want and just haven’t made? Do you appreciate or search for sources of love and energy?

The answers to those questions have different perspectives, because people have different perspectives. To name just a few there are the Haves and the Have Not’s, and the generational differences of Boomers, Xers and Millennials. The Haves want to keep it, the Have Not’s want it. The Boomers need to stay healthy and live with what they have, and the Xers and Millennials need better jobs, houses, health care and retirement plans.

And these days to accomplish those things everyone is attracted to big hope, big promises of new self, and big fast ways to progress or to solve the most pressing problems. People think that change will arrive as a result of these big ideas, or they won’t buy into the concepts. Toss:ly acknowledges the big ideas and looks at their common denominator — personal change is the practice that fulfills big promises.

My mission is to share perspectives of personal change and a practice so that you can enjoy more of what you have, and have more of what you want. A framework to build on, from wherever you are, to wherever you want to go.

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The big promises in life are yours to choose. Have more of what you want. Have less of what you don’t want. More happiness. Less worry. More money. Less stress. More health. Less sickness…

The promise of toss:ly is to help you accomplish the big promises of your life, through building a personal framework and practice of successful personal change.