toss:ly method

By matt
Aug 10th, 2014


The toss:ly method is an observation, a philosophy if you will, that as you think you are — and WHO YOU ARE HAS BEEN SHAPED AND WILL BE SHAPED, BY PERSONAL CHANGE.

First thing, let me clarify that personal change is different than it’s more famous cousin, business change. While many of the terms are the same, business change involves groups of people joining together to accomplish shared goals, yet in personal change it’s about one person, within a group, trying to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life by making informed changes. CHANGE ISN’T THE OBJECT OF LIVING, IT’S THE PROCESS, the practice if you will, of living.

From getting out of a momentary funk, to being happier, having better relationships, losing weight, being healthier, earning more, relaxing more, or whatever it is you desire, all involve transition from one thing to another. FEELING GREAT OR FEELING BAD ARE EACH PERSPECTIVES OF CHANGE APPRECIATED, OR CHANGE NEEDED.

The central question is — How do you effect change?

That’s where toss:ly comes in (truth of small steps: lead yourself). The saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears” is true for any specific change desired — and there are people, classes, books, and articles, that provide how to’s, where to’s, and what to’s, for every possible specific change desired. HERE WE TALK ABOUT GENERIC PRACTICES OF PERSONAL CHANGE that come in handy to start, or find new energy, for any and all change. Grouped within three fundamental perspectives they are used over and over again, as changes change.

1.  LEAD YOURSELF, you are the one person responsible for your personal change.

2.  CORE POWERS, are built in four intertwined areas that lead to better health, energy, and strength.

3.  MOVING FORWARD, makes time your friend, and acknowledges the ups and downs of movement.

In the menu bar above, you’ll find overviews of these perspectives, and in their drop down menus, key practices of making successful change. They are intertwined in life, but here separated to provide the reader a way to focus on one at a time, as needed, to support the others, and the change desired. We’ll add to these overviews with emails, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

WELCOME TO TOSS:LY, A WAY OF MAKING THE CHANGES YOU CHOOSE — AND FACE. Like our subject, we expect changes and will make them as we go, and look forward to hearing your stories of change.

I hope your change is going well.

The practice of change is what life provides.  Taking advantage of it – is every individual’s opportunity.

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