Toss:ly Practice

By matt
Aug 10th, 2014


Change has been a constant in my life. From kid to adult, school to career, working for others to owning my own businesses, single to married, from no kids to a father of four.  Each change had it’s own big ideas and dreams accompanied by its own challenges and opportunities.

Looking at my big ideas it became clear that the common denominator in all of them was personal change. That perspective has been valuable to me, because it allowed me to see skills and tools I could use over and over again to support progress. Like a foundation for making better change, whether that change was shifting direction, slowing down, or speeding up.

Have you thought about the changes in your life, and the changes you’d like to make?  Most adults do, and if you have, I believe you are on a valuable path. It seems to me, an awareness of change wanted or needed, is where it all begins.

Whatever your big ideas, and their opportunities or challenges, you’ll find learning to navigate personal change is helpful for any change you want to make. I’ve found, and would like to share, a common framework, used repeatedly, to build direction, strength and energy. It’s that framework, and ways of seeing and building on it, that I delve into at toss:ly. In three broad areas I’ll provide information and ideas on Leading Yourself, Powering Your Cores, and Moving Forward.

So what do you do with this information?  First of all, know it’s very general. There are no absolutes, every person’s situation is different, and there are factors beyond our control.  But that said, these toss:ly ideas are not meant to provide a how to, step by step, in any one area, they can be terribly important to stimulate action in one area in support of taking the steps needed.

My promise is that with toss:ly I will share ideas for using personal change to help accomplish the big (and little) ideas of life. If you’re interested, and what more information get it by Signing up for Emails, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter

I think it’s true, as an adult, the promises in life are yours to choose. Have more of what you want. Have less of what you don’t want. More happiness. Less worry. More money. Less stress. More health. Less sickness.

The common denominator is to change what’s not working, into something that is.